How Do You Use a Laundrette?

use-laundrette Credit: Getty Images/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Using a laundrette or laundromat is a convenient alternative to doing laundry at home. It can also save time and money if you have a large amount of laundry to do at once.

  1. Prepare at home

    Before you go to the laundrette, sort your laundry at home. Use pillow cases or laundry bags to separate each load. This allows you to begin your laundry right away when you arrive at the laundrette. Consider the capacity of the washing machines at the laundrette as you sort. They may take larger loads than home washing machines. Try to wash full loads at the laundrette to get the best value for your money.

  2. Check the machines before use

    Check the inside of each laundry machine before use. There may be detergent residue, bleach or clothing left by previous customers. Place any found clothing in the designated lost and found area, and report any major problems to the manager or attendant. If there is a minor spill, try to clean it up yourself.

  3. Use the correct detergent

    Most laundrettes sell individual packets of detergent for use in their machines. These products are convenient but expensive. Consider bringing your own laundry products from home instead. Read the instructions on the washing machines before adding your products. Many laundrettes have high-efficiency machines that use less detergent than normal.

  4. Pay for each machine

    Most laundrette machines are coin-operated, so bring change with you. Some laundrettes accept credit cards or prepaid laundry cards, so investigate these options if they are available.

  5. Wash your clothes

    To get the most of your money, wash full loads. Shake out each piece of laundry before drying to lessen the drying time. Most laundrettes charge per minute of drying, so choose a short time to start, and only purchase additional time if necessary.