How Do You Use a Large Strawberry Planter?

Use a large strawberry planter to grow strawberries, herbs or succulents. Planters are available in plastic, terracotta or glazed porcelain. Their design allows several plants to grow in a small area.

Select the container. Plastic strawberry jars are the least expensive and lightweight. However, their lack of weight makes them the most likely to topple in a windstorm, especially if the plants in the top planting hole are tall. Terracotta provides good drainage and prevents overheating of the soil. Glazed planters are better at retaining water but likely the most expensive type.

Freeze a bottle of water to incorporate into the planter as a watering system. Use a screwdriver to punch holes through the bottle so water distributes to all the plants as it drains. When filling the planter with soil, place the bottle upright so the neck extends slightly above the soil in the top opening to the pot. Fill this opening with water when the soil is dry.

Choose plants that have similar requirements for feeding, watering and sunlight for the container. Place a broken piece of another pot over the drainage hole and fill with potting soil to the first layer of planting holes. Place the roots of the plants through the holes and cover them with the potting soil, packing firmly. Continue the process until all the side holes are full and then plant several plants around the water bottle inlet at the top of the planter.