How Do You Use Landscape Edging Blocks?


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Edging blocks are placed around the perimeter of a lawn or garden after digging a small trench around the perimeter. There are many edging blocks to use, including concrete, brick and stone.

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Some materials needed to use landscape edging blocks are a wooden mallet or hammer, edging material, shovel, chisel, spray paint, sand and a garden hose. Gloves are also highly recommended for this type of project. Before digging the trench, mark the area where the edging blocks will go. The garden hose itself is a good tool for marking the area since it is long and flexible. Edging blocks often go around garden beds, making the hose long enough to mark the area. After wrapping the hose around the area, use the spray paint to trace around it, then move the hose away.

Dig a 3- to 4-inch trench around the perimeter of the spray painted area. The trench should be about 4 to 6 inches deep. This is easy to do with a shovel since it is a very small trench. Once it has been dug around the area, place about an inch of sand on the bottom of it, then smooth it out. Once it is level, start placing the edging blocks on top of the sand. They should be nestled close to each other. Some blocks might need to be cut for corners or to finish off the garden bed. After they are placed, use the mallet or hammer to secure them in place.

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