How Do You Use a Lampe Berger?


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To use a Lampe Berger, remove the burner, fill it to 2/3 capacity and replace the burner. Light and let burn for 2 minutes. Blow out the flame and replace the openwork shade. To extinguish the Lampe Berger, place the stopper over the burner.

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The Lampe Berger should not be used continuously and should be limited to a maximum of 1 minute per cubic meter of room area. This is approximately 20 minutes for a 50 square-foot room. It should be placed on a stable surface out of the reach of children and pets, and is not recommended for use in rooms where pregnant women reside.

Lampe Bergers were first patented in 1897 by Maurice Berger as a way to diffuse the scent and limit the foul odors in mortuaries and hospitals. The lamp works by burning a liquid that is 90 percent isopropyl alcohol and contains scented oils. Lighting the burner for 2 minutes allows the catalytic burner to reach the correct operating temperature and diffuse the scented oil throughout the room.

Because the liquid is extremely flammable, the Lampe Berger should never be left in a room unattended. When filling it, spills must be cleaned up before lighting the burner.

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