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Kwikset offers door locks and hardware for homeowners to install in new or existing doors to increase security. The company's SmartKey technology allows a homeowner to re-key a Kwikset lock by entering a working key into the lock, turning the key 90-degrees clockwise, inserting and removing the SmartKey Learn Tool into the lock as directed, removing the working key, inserting the SmartKey new key and turning this key 180-degrees anti-clockwise. Old, lost or stolen keys no longer open the lock.

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Kwikset's product inventory includes keyed entry locks and keyless, wireless and remote entry systems. Keyed entry locks are offered in the form of levers, knobs, handle sets and deadlocks in a range of colors and designs. Many of these locks include SmartKey re-keying technology, enabling homeowners to continue using the lock safely if a spare key is lost or stolen. The company also offers lock-bumping protection on its ANSI Grade 1 Deadbolt with SmartKey and BumpGuard. Lock bumping allows people with a special bump key to open most conventional pin and tumbler locks.

Kwikset's keyless entry system allows a home owner to enter his home by using a code on a number pad. The home owner can also allocate a temporary code to allow a neighbor, dogwalker or worker to enter the house. The company also offers a remote access system that a homeowner can control from any Internet-connected device.

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