How Do You Use Kwal Paint Color Charts?


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To use the Kwal paint color chart, refer to individual sections of color and find their complements in the surrounding colors. Kwal paint color charts feature a selection of colors, along with their numbers and linked colors to provide you with an easy way to refer to color combinations and central tones for painting. The color chart is designed for both exterior and interior home applications, whether for primary walls and siding surfaces or for trims and frames.

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The Kwal paint color chart begins with the primary colors: yellow, red and blue. From the primary colors branch out several secondary colors, which you get by mixing different primary colors together. These include orange, green and purple. From the secondary and primary colors, you can find numerous tertiary colors, which are combinations of secondary and secondary or secondary and primary colors.

Different colors establish different themes and atmospheres in the room or outside the home, and choosing colors for specific purposes within a room help improve the activities within the room. Cool and soothing blues and greens relax the mind and provide you with a comfortable place to enjoy quiet time. Warm tones, like red and orange stimulate the mind instead, and they are best chosen for active and passionate rooms, such as living rooms, dens and working areas. By following the color chart, you can match different colors together to create the desired effect.

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