How Do You Use a Free Kitchen Layout Tool?


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Lowe's offers a simple tool for trying out different kitchen arrangements; users looking for a more powerful tool might want to try a simple 2D CAD program, such as DraftSight. Professionals designers might want to consider using a full-featured CAD program, such as AutoCAD.

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The Lowe's tool is limited, but it provides a straightforward interface and runs in a browser, making it a viable option for users trying to visualize basic kitchen layouts. The tool also allows users to view their designs from different angles, which provides an overview that drawing a design on paper can't. However, the tool only works for a basic kitchen size and doesn't allow users to try custom hardware or other less common items.

DraftSight is a popular 2D CAD tool that offers a straightforward interface and powerful set of tools. Like all CAD tools, it allows users to create items of any size and adjust their position, so it's a great choice for users looking to try appliances of different sizes. It also allows users to export files in common CAD formats.

Sweet Home 3D is another option to consider, and its 3D renderings help users and their clients get a better idea of what the kitchen should look like. While the program focuses on entire homes, the large number of 3D models makes it a versatile tool.

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