What Do You Use to Kill Centipedes in Your Home?


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Chemical insecticides are one tool for killing centipedes inside the house, with application in crevices and other areas hospitable to these pests. If there are numerous centipedes in the yard, applying insecticides to gaps or cracks in the foundation, in mulch and in crawl spaces is also effective.

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While insecticides kill existing centipedes, it's also important to keep others from coming inside later. This requires combining the chemical application with nonchemical remedies as well. Some of these include using dehumidifiers and repairing water leaks to reduce moisture, removing clutter near the house that gives centipedes a hiding place, working to eliminate spiders and insects that serve as prey for centipedes, using a vacuum to remove centipedes inside the house, and sealing gaps and holes that give centipedes (and their prey) access to the house.

Centipedes eat houseflies and cockroaches, which are also nuisances to many homeowners; however, some of the larger centipedes have a bite that causes as much discomfort as a bee sting and can lead to swelling, discoloration and numbness in addition to intense pain. Centipedes can live for as long as six years, which makes removing them and barring entrance to the home for those outside a priority for home pest control.

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