How Do You Use a Keurig K45 Elite Without a Manual?


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To use a Keurig K45 Elite without a manual, put a coffee mug on the drip tray plate, fill the water reservoir, insert a K-cup coffee pack, and select brew size. The brewing process takes about one minute.

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Plug the brewer cord into an outlet, and have it ready to brew by keeping it turned on all the time. After placing a coffee cup or mug on the drip tray plate, remove and rinse the water reservoir, fill it with filtered or bottled water up to the Max Fill line, and replace it into the left side of the brewer. Alternately, lift the water reservoir lid, and fill the reservoir while it is still on the brewer. Press the power button to heat the water, and wait for the red heating light to turn off and the brew size select buttons and the green power light to illuminate.

Raise the handle so the K-cup pack holder opens, put a K-cup coffee pack in the holder, and completely close the handle. Choose between small cup, small mug or large mug for brew size. After a brief pause, the coffee begins to brew. When the brewing process is complete, remove the coffee mug from the drip tray plate, and dispose of the used K-cup pack.

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