How Do You Use a Kelvinator Oven?

The Kelvinator oven has knobs connected to the energy regulator that control the cooking zones. Numbers one to eight indicate the various cooking settings. To set the operation of the oven off, place the knob on zero.

For melting purposes, switch the knob to indicate one. Switch the knob to two or three, for keeping the food in the oven warm or for heating a small quantity of liquid. Place the knob on four or five for heating large amounts of liquid and beating custard and sauces.

Place the knob on six or seven for slow boiling, for soups, pastas and risottos, for continued steaming processes and for cooking steaks and fried foods. For roasting potatoes, browning meat and frying fish, place the knob on seven. To boil a large amount of water, place the knob on seven. Switch the knob to eight for quick frying and char-grilling.

Each heating element has a residual heat indicator. It flashes automatically once the respective cooking zone is switched on. The light glows for a short period even after switching off a zone to allow cooling of the zone. The oven has a minute minder that acts as an alarm used for timing the cooking period. It gives a loud ring once the selected time has elapsed.