How Do You Use Jura Cleaning Tablets?

To use Jura cleaning tablets, place a bowl or other container under the coffee machine's spout, and start the machine's cleaning cycle. Drop one cleaning tablet into the filler funnel where ground coffee is normally inserted. The exact instructions for initiating the cleaning cycle and finishing the machine's cleaning process vary between models and are detailed in the Jura coffee machine's instruction manual.

Jura cleaning tablets are intended for Jura-branded automatic coffee makers but can be used to clean coffee deposits from thermoses and other containers. To clean a flask or container with Jura cleaning tablets, fill the container with hot water of at least 194 degrees Fahrenheit, and add the cleaning tablet. Jura does not provide further instructions on cleaning non-Jura products with its cleaning tablets.

These cleaning tablets are alkaline and contain ingredients classified as irritants. When cleaning tablets are dissolved in water, avoid touching the solution. Immediately wash any skin that comes into contact with the cleaning solution. If the tablet or solution is swallowed or comes into contact with eyes, seek medical attention.

Jura cleaning tablets are not classified as environmental hazards. It is safe and legal to dispose of the cleaning solution in a household drain.