How Do You Use J-B Weld Epoxy?


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To use the J-B Weld epoxy system, select the appropriate J-B Weld formulation for the material it is to be used on, clean the material, mix the epoxy compound, apply it and let it dry. J-B Weld offers many types of adhesive solutions, but the original formulation is a two-part epoxy.

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Different J-B Weld epoxy formulas are available for a variety of surfaces and applications, including wood, metal, plastics, automotive and brick. There are also epoxies for ceramic, cloth and carpet, concrete, glass, and rubber. In addition, there are different formulations depending on the environment the repaired item is to be used in, such as wet, submerged or extreme heat.

The surface areas that are to be joined need to be thoroughly cleaned, and free of any debris or residues. The company recommends using acetone or a lacquer thinner. If one is not available, then soap and water can be used as long as the surface is completely dry before epoxy application. Don't use alcohol or cleaners that can leave a residue.

Blend together the two J-B Weld epoxy components in a one-to-one ratio until thoroughly mixed, apply to the surfaces to be adhered, and connect the parts. Drying and complete cure time varies between formulations. Consult the directions on the specific epoxy product for its exact times.

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