How Do You Use an Intermatic Timer?


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Intermatic timers are used to automatically control the power for lighting, heating and cooling units, appliances, water supplies and industrial equipment to run at pre-programmed intervals. They have a wide array of applications in residential, industrial, agricultural and institutional environments. Many units also have integrated systems to detect power problems.

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In residential applications, Intermatic timers are often used to control external lighting so it comes on at dusk and goes off at sunrise. They are also used to control heating ventilation and air conditioning units to shut them down for periods when no one is home and turn them on just before residents are due to arrive. This same function can be used for appliances so they are not drawing electricity when not in use. The timers are also useful for lawn sprinklers and watering systems.

Industrial applications are similar, with the most common overall factor being the savings on utilities when systems are not in use. Office building lights and industrial machines are prime examples of systems that typically go through scheduled low or no-use cycles.

System protection is also a feature in many Intermatic systems, with built-in surge protectors to guard against power fluctuations, such and brown-outs or voltage surges or spikes.

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