How Do You Use an Induction Burner?


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Make sure that the unit is plugged into an electrical outlet, if it is a single burner independent of a range; otherwise, switch on power to the range and turn on the burner, selecting the correct setting. Then take an appropriate cooking vessel and place it atop the induction unit.

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How Do You Use an Induction Burner?
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The tops of most induction burners are marked with a circle to illustrate exactly where the cooking vessel should be placed. This is where the unit's power coil is located. This is an element that emits a high-frequency electromagnetic field that agitates the molecules within the metal of the pan, producing heat that then cooks the food. It is important to read the manual to ascertain what metals are acceptable for use with a specific induction burner. Most work only with pans fabricated with iron-based materials such as stainless steel or cast iron.

Turning the unit on should be as simple as touching a button, with temperature adjustment and timer options available. Some induction burners, such as Havell models, come equipped with a variety of settings corresponding to specific cooking methods, such as boil, deep fry, soup, hot pot, stir fry and even curry. Despite the fact that the induction burners themselves to do not get hot, the pans they use do, so accidents and burns are still possible, and care must be taken.

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