How Do You Use House Lifting Jacks?


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Use house lifting jacks by placing I-beams under the home, placing jacks at each end of each beam and activating the jack pump. When the jacks are activated, hydraulic fluid builds up in the lifting cylinder, which allows the cylinder to hold a large amount of weight as it is raised. Place 4-foot timbers into the spaces as the house is lifted for use as cribbing to hold the home.

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Be sure to shut off all utilities to the home, including gas, water and electricity, to prevent leaks or damage. Go into the crawlspace under the home, and clear out any pipes or debris that interfere with the I-beams or cribbing. Remove the plaster or concrete that is securing the home to the foundation. If the lift is in preparation for building an additional floor, be prepared to raise the house quite a few feet.

Choose a strong wood, such as oak, for the cribbing material. Stronger wood types are typically more expensive but are able to hold heavy weight. Raising the home often takes several days of slow movement from the hydraulic jack. This prevents the base of the house from cracking or being damaged irreparably. Do not attempt to lift a house in inclement weather.

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