How Do You Use a Hotpoint Oven?

Hotpoint ovens, such as its 30-inch free-standing gas range model, are operated using the dials for the stove top and the digital pad found on the back panel of the machine. The digital pad allows you to program functions such as the timer and cooking times.

The Hotpoint RGB780REHSS model comes with four dials and 12 digital buttons for operating the appliance. The dials let you adjust the burner strength, and you turn the burners off by returning the dial to the up position. However, when operating a Hotpoint oven's more complex oven functions, you need to use the appliance's digital control pad.

When using the oven to bake, press the Bake button. The display then produces a temperature readout, which you adjust by using the plus and minus buttons below the display. When it displays your desired temperature, press the Start button to initiate preheating, and once the oven finishes preheating, insert the food you want to bake. After closing the oven, press the Timer button, and then adjust the time in the same manner as you adjusted the temperature. For the RGB780REHSS and similar Hotpoint models, prepare multiple baked goods at the same time by using the Convection Bake Multi-Rack functionality.