How Do You Use a Hot Glue Gun?


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Use a hot glue gun by protecting the area, plugging the gun into an electrical outlet, allowing it to preheat and inserting the correct temperature glue stick. Advance the glue stick by pulling the trigger to force the melted glue from the tip of the gun. Press the two items together quickly before the glue cools.

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There are several types of glue guns, including high- and low-melt guns and those the manufacturer makes for crafters or carpenters. The low-melt guns are appropriate for materials that may melt when exposed to a higher temperature. Carpentry guns reach operating temperature in about four minutes, but craft guns take six to eight.

When using a glue gun the first time, the initial glue stick disappears quickly as it melts to fill the gun's chamber. Having to add a second stick quickly is common, but subsequent glue sticks last longer.

When using the glue gun, protect the work surface with cardboard. Place the gun over a piece of aluminum foil or a disposable pie tin between uses. Most guns continue to drip a few drops of hot glue between uses. Wear gloves and long sleeves when using the hot glue gun to prevent burns, especially when using the high-temperature gun.

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