How Do You Use a HomeLink Garage Door Opener?


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Program your HomeLink garage door opener to receive and accept the signal from your vehicle. You can add multiple vehicles to act as a remote for the door opener.

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When you buy a new HomeLink garage door opener, you have to go through two steps to get the device working perfectly. Program your vehicle to act as an emulating remote; instructions for this are usually available in the owners manual for your vehicle. You should be careful that there are no objects or people in the line of sight of the receiver. Additionally, it is always a good idea to clean the memory of your transmitter, before you start programming.

Once you have the vehicle programmed for your HomeLink garage door opener, there is a chance that you may need to program the receiver to accept and act on the signal from your car. If the indicator light is solid, you do not need to program the receiver; if it is flashing, you do need to program the receiver. You can program the receiver easily by pressing the Learn or Smart button on the motor head and then pressing the HomeLink button of the vehicle for two seconds, three times.

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