How Do You Use a Home Wheat Grinder?


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Use an electric home wheat grinder by attaching the bowl to catch the flour to the machine, dumping the wheat berries into the hopper, closing the lid and starting the machine. When the berries are no longer visible through the top lid, turn off the machine, and remove the bowl to use the freshly ground flour.

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Use the flour you produce in the grinder in your favorite whole-wheat bread recipe. Fresh milled flour has a nutty flavor and does not have the bite many people associate with whole wheat bread because the wheat germ does not have time to oxidize before baking.

Bread from fresh flour rises a little faster than bread from bagged flour. However, with a little additional time, a bagged-flour loaf can reach the same height as a fresh-flour loaf.

When you are baking with any whole-wheat flour, mix the ingredients together in the bowl, and allow the mixture to rest for 20 minutes. The rest period allows for the absorption of water by the wheat germ, which is not present in white flour. After the rest, the dough is ready for the first kneading, either by hand or machine. If the top of the loaf starts to brown before the end of the cooking time, cover it with an aluminum foil tent to prevent over-browning.

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