How Do You Use a Home Dehumidifier to Dry Your Laundry?

To dry laundry using a home dehumidifier, hang the newly washed clothes on a clothes horse or airer close to a dehumidifier. Reduce drying time by adjusting the machine into boost mode, if the dehumidifier has one, and closing the door of the room where the clothes are being dried.

A dehumidifier is a recommended option for drying laundry indoors as it removes extra moisture transferred to the atmosphere from wet clothes, preventing problems that may result from excessive moisture in the air. Drying laundry on a radiator or a clothes horse without using a dehumidifier may cause the excess moisture to become trapped indoors, which eventually condenses on windows and various other surfaces inside the house. Too much moisture can lead to mold formation.

Drying time is significantly reduced with the use of a dehumidifier. Another advantage is that dried clothes are softer compared to clothes that become rough or stiff when dried with a radiator. The difference in softness is due to the use of dry air instead of heat.

Using a dehumidifier for drying laundry is suited for people who live in flats and apartments where there’s no outdoor space for drying laundry. It’s also an effective method to dry laundry during cold weather when it’s hard to dry damp clothing outside.