How Do You Use a Henny Penny Pressure Fryer?


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To use a Henny Penny pressure fryer, be sure that all drain valves are in the closed position. Next, remove the fry basket, leave the lid up and fill the fry pot with the appropriate amount of shortening.

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Once the fry pot has enough shortening, move the power switch to the cook position in order to complete the melt cycle. Once the shortening has reached 230 degrees Fahrenheit, the fryer goes into the heat cycle and prepares itself for cooking. Be sure to monitor the oil temperature, and verify it does not exceed 420 degrees Fahrenheit. If the oil temperature exceeds 420 degrees Fahrenheit, it may catch fire.

After the oil has heated to the desired temperature, fill the fry baskets without overloading. Place the basket into the shortening, remove the basket handle, and close and latch the lid quickly. Seal the lid by aligning the red knob on the spindle to the red knob on the latch. Press the clock button to start the timer, and begin the cook cycle. As the pressure of the fryer increases, the pressure gauge should read within the operating zone. Once the cooking cycle is complete, the pressure automatically decreases, and the alarm sounds. After the pressure drops to zero, it is safe to open and unlatch the lid. Attach the basket handle to lift the basket out of the shortening, and shake off access oil.

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