How Do You Use a Hayward Sand Filter?


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To use a Hayward sand filter, mount the system on even concrete at a maximum of 6 feet above the pool's surface. Place the Vari-Flo filter control valve on the system, line up the valve pipe connections with the openings on the side of the tank, and press to connect. Secure with lugnuts. Piece together the pump and mounting base. Load the sand by removing the top and internal diffuser. Cover the internal diffuser pipe with a cap.

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This prevents sand from entering. Fill the tank halfway full with water, and then add the grade and amount of sand recommended in the manufacturer's instructions. Take the cap off the internal diffuser pipe, and replace the internal diffuser with the air relief tube sticking through the provided hole. Replace the top, and tighten the clamp around it with a screwdriver.

Connect the pump to the opening marked as such, and place the return to pool pipe in the return valve. Attach the suction and waste lines to the pump, and then make the electrical connections. Secure the drain cap to hinder water leakage.

Prime the pump by placing the Hayward sand filter in the backwash position by pressing the Vari-Flo valve. Open the suction, discharge and return lines. Prime the pump to fill the filter tank, and once water has been flowing freely from the waste line, run it for an additional two minutes, and then turn the pump to the rinse position. Continue in rinse mode until the water that appears in the sight glass is clear. Turn off the pump, set it to filter mode, and restart it to ensure that the Hayward sand filter is in normal filter mode.

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