How Do You Use a Hardwood Floor Cost Calculator?


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Use a hardwood floor cost calculator by inputting your ZIP code and the total number of square feet of hardwood flooring your project requires. The calculator then uses a list of installation prices from hardwood flooring companies, average material costs and equipment costs to generate an estimate of the total coast of installing hardwood floors in your area. Using an up-to-date calculator is essential, as material and labor costs change regularly.

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Costs between different contractors and material suppliers can vary somewhat, so some hardwood flooring cost calculators include both a high and low estimate for installing hardwood floors. Some calculators provide a total cost estimate, a cost per-square foot and a breakdown of each cost component. For instance, this kind of calculator provides individual high and low estimates for labor, materials, equipment and hardwood flooring itself.

Cost breakdowns are very useful if you plan on installing hardwood floors yourself instead of hiring a professional contractor. In these situations, material and equipment estimates are useful, while labor costs can be ignored.

Hardwood flooring cost calculators provide estimates based on industry standard, manufactured, prefinished hardwood flooring. If you want to have laminate or composite flooring installed, costs may be different. If you want exotic or unusual hardwood flooring for your project, expect the material costs to be considerably higher. Likewise, prices are also higher for flooring materials that require additional finishing after installation.

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