How Do You Use a Gevalia Coffee Maker?


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To use a Gevalia coffee maker, the user must fill the water reservoir, remove the filter basket, add a filter and ground coffee, and replace the basket. With coffee-pod models, the pod drops into the basket. Buttons on the front of the device allow users to choose the correct program.

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How Do You Use a Gevalia Coffee Maker?
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Before brewing coffee in a Gevalia machine, the user must fill the reservoir with water. The reservoirs on most Gevalia models are covered by a flip-up panel on the top of the machine.

Most of Gevalia's larger coffee makers have a cone-shaped filter basket that sits under the top lid. To remove the basket, the user must flip up the lid and pull up on the thick plastic edge. After a paper filter is in place in the basket, the user can add the desired amount of ground coffee. For a strong flavor, Gevalia recommends adding one level scoop of coffee per 6 ounces of water. The filter basket lid must be closed tightly before brewing.

For Gevalia pod coffee makers, users can simply drop a prepackaged coffee pod into the pod cup.

A single push of the brew button starts the brewing process. Gevalia coffee makers stop brewing automatically when the water in the reservoir runs low.

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