How Do You Use a GE 24-Hour Timer?


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Set the 24-hour GE timer by pushing in the outer-edge segments that fall within the time period the lamp or appliance is to be on. Rotate the interior dial clockwise, lining the pointer up with the current time, then plug the timer into an outlet and the lamp into the timer.

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Each segment around the outer edge of the timer represents 30 minutes. Hours between 6:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. appear on a black background just inside the segments; daylight hours appear on a white background.

To override the timer, set the timer's master switch to outlet on, which deactivates the timer's control of the lamp or appliance. To reactivate the timer's control, make sure the lamp is turned on, and set the master switch to the timer on position. If the power fails, it is necessary to reset the time of day on the timer in order for it to work correctly.

When using the 24-hour GE timer, avoid overloading the device by making sure that total wattage of the bulbs or appliance does not exceed the timer's rating as indicated in the provided instructions. This timer is for indoor use only and not for use with appliances that contain heating elements. Suggested uses include seasonal lighting and portable fans.

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