How Do You Use a Gas Oven?

use-gas-oven Credit: DnC Archambeau/CC-BY-2.0

Cooking with a gas oven is similar to using an electric oven in many ways, but there are a few key differences. Since these appliances use fuel rather than electrical resistance as a heat source, there are a few important safety rules to follow.

  1. Check the pilot

    Older stoves use a pilot light, an always-on flame that ignites the burners and oven when the gas supply is increased. Typically the pilot light is somewhere under the burners or oven floor and must be accessible since the homeowner may need to relight it periodically. If the pilot has gone out, follow your owner's manual procedures for relighting it. If the pilot light will not stay lit, it may indicate a problem with the oven or gas supply. Do not attempt to use the stove until it has been serviced.

  2. Ignite the burners

    If the pilot light is lit, or if the stove uses another form of ignition, simply turn on the burner you wish to use. You will hear a hiss as the gas begins to flow, and then the pilot will ignite the gas and light the burner. In the case of an electric ignition stove, you will hear a few clicks as the igniter sparks and lights the burner. Once the flame is lit, adjust it to the desired heating level.

  3. Maintain temperature

    Gas stoves heat up much faster than electric models due to the presence of an open flame. This means that cooking on gas requires careful heat management, and temperature changes are reflected much more quickly as you adjust the dials.