How Do You Use Fruit Tree Netting?


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Strategically placed netting over your fruit trees by unfurling it and then weaving string through it can help prevent animals from ruining the fruit. Netting acts as a barrier against land mammals, such as squirrels, and various birds that pick your trees clean. Netting allows sunlight and water to reach the tree and keep your harvest bountiful.

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For this task, you will need netting, nylon string, scissors, two ladders and stakes. This job requires two people.

  1. Remove netting from the package and arrange ladders

    Remove the netting from the packaging, but do not unfurl it. Unrolling it too early may cause the netting to tangle. Arrange the ladders on either side of the tree.

  2. Unfurl the netting over the tree

    One person must carry the netting up the ladder. This person climbs until she can see over the top of the tree. The second person climbs to the same height. Roll out the netting over the top of the tree to the person on the other side of the tree. Unfold the netting and allow it to drop down and cover the tree.

  3. Weave string through the netting

    Weave the string in and out through the holes in the netting. This helps keep the netting tight around the tree. If there is netting close enough to the ground, secure it with stakes or garden staples.

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