How Do You Use a Food Processor?

How Do You Use a Food Processor?

Choosing the right attachment, preparing the food for processing, placing the work bowl and attachment on the processor base, and pulsing the power button are the four steps required to properly use a food processor. The steps are similar across all major brands.

  1. Choose the right attachment

    Food processors perform several kitchen tasks with one appliance. They can slice, chop, grind, puree, shred and knead a variety of foods. Various attachment blades and discs make this possible. Standard S-blades are used for chopping and pureeing foods. Dough blades knead dough for pizza crusts, breads and other baked goods. Shredding and slicing discs can yield food with coarse, medium or fine textures.

  2. Prepare the food for processing

    While food processors do most of the work for you, some foods need preparation before going into the appliance. Trim meats of fat and gristle. Cut down larger pieces. Vegetables may also need to be cut down to size, especially if they are going down the feed tube.

  3. Place the work bowl and proper attachment on the base

    Place the work bowl on the base, and lock it with a twist. Drop the attachment onto the power shaft inside the work bowl. Load the bowl with food if not using the feed tube. Place the top on the bowl, and twist to secure it.

  4. Pulse the power button or switch

    Pulsing the power switch lets you control the texture of the food. The shorter the pulses, the coarser the texture the blade produces.