How Do You Use a Food Dehydrator?


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To use a food dehydrator, remove the trays from the food dehydrator and plug the device in. Place the desired food onto the trays so that none of it overlaps or extends over the edge of the trays. Select the appropriate temperature on the dehydrator for the chosen food. Return the trays to the dehydrator. If the dehydrator has a timer, set it with the appropriate time. Remove the food after it is dehydrated and turn off the device.

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To ensure the food fits on the trays, cut or slice the food before placing it on the dehydrator. This not only makes fitting it onto the tray easier but expedites the dehydrating process when the food is dried in smaller sizes. To preserve the nutrients and enzymes of foods like fruits and vegetables, set the temperature setting of the dehydrator between 112 and 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Dehydrating at this lower range of temperatures, however, increases the amount of time needed.

Regularly check the dehydrator trays throughout the process. Rotate the trays every couple hours during the process so the food dehydrated evenly. When the dehydration process is complete, remove the trays and place them in a dark airtight place to cool to retain crispness.

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