How Do You Use a Fondant Roller Machines?


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To use a fondant roller machine, insert the fondant between the two rollers, and use the hand crank to pull it through. Check the fondant's thickness. If it is too thick or thin, use the pinch point adjustments to correct it.

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Machines that roll fondant provide several advantages, whether used at home or in a commercial application. These machines save both time and money, and for individuals with weak hands or arthritic joints, they prevent pain. Thickness is easy to control and uniform. Fondant rolling machines give a sleek look to baked goods that manually rolling the fondant cannot achieve. This smooth surface provides the perfect backdrop for bakers attempting ornamental designs.

Fondant roller machines differ in size, and users should choose them in accordance with their applications. Some machines allow the user to roll fondant up to 10 inches in diameter, and these are best suited for home use. Larger machines, often weighing more than 1,000 pounds, have the ability to roll fondant into sheets that are multiple feet in length. These machines are better equipped for commercial use, as the rollers of the machine are heavy enough to require multiple employees to move to adjust the thickness of the fondant.

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