How Do You Use FibaTape?


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Use FibaTape by sticking the tape to all drywall joints, then applying joint compound over the tape. Apply FibaTape in single strips wherever possible, and avoid overlapping multiple strips, as doing so reduces the product's strength. Use a very sharp utility knife or pair of shears to cut FibaTape, as duller blades cannot cut through the durable fiberglass material.

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After installing FibaTape on all of the drywall joints, produce the strongest connections by using two successive applications of joint compound. Use a small taping knife for the first application, and force as much compound into the joint as possible. Use a larger taping knife for the second application, as this produces a smoother finish that requires less sanding later.

If the joint compound is very thick, use a small amount of water to make the product thin enough to penetrate into the drywall joints. Do not use an excessive amount of water, however, as thinner drywall compound mixtures are more prone to shrinkage than thicker ones. When drywall compound shrinks, it produces a weaker connection and can even lead to cracks and other problems.

FibaTape works by bringing both parts of the joint into contact with one another, which increases the strength of the final connection. The product also works by forcing joint compound into the joint after application.

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