How Do You Use Fabric Softener?


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To use fabric softener, measure the correct amount in the product cap, and pour the product into the fabric softener dispenser on your washing machine or add it directly to the water during the final rinse cycle. Avoid using fabric softener on microfiber cloth, athletic sportswear, flame-retardant clothing or towels.

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  1. Measure out the correct amount of fabric softener

    Pour the softener into the measuring cap included with the bottle. Most caps have graduated lines for medium, large and extra-large loads. Pour to the line designated for the size of the specific load. For front loading machines, only use the medium or large amounts.

  2. Add the fabric softener to the washer

    Pour the fabric softener into the washer's fabric softener dispenser. Front-loading machines have a dispenser tray in the front near the top of the machine or on the top of the machine. Top-loading machines have dispensers on top of the column in the middle of the machine. If an older machine does not have a dispenser, wait until the dial indicates that the rinse cycle has begun, and pour the softener directly into the water.

  3. Dry the clothing as recommended

    Dry the laundry using your usual methods. Do not use a dryer sheet to avoid fabric softener build-up.

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