How Do You Use Epoxy Floor Paint?


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To apply epoxy floor paint to concrete, test the floor for moisture. If no moisture is present, clean the floor with concrete cleaner and etcher according to the instructions on the product packaging. After the concrete dries, apply bonding primer to the floor, and allow the primer to cure for the recommended amount of time before applying two coats of epoxy floor paint to the floor. Allow 24 hours between each coat of paint.

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To test the floor for moisture, place a piece of plastic on the floor, and tightly tape each side of the plastic to the floor with duct tape. After 24 hours, examine the underside of the plastic. If the plastic is dry, proceed with the project.

To paint the floor, tape off the surrounding walls, and use a 3-inch paintbrush to paint around the perimeter of the room. Use a floor roller with an extension handle to paint the remainder of the floor. When painting the floor, work in small sections beginning in the corner furthest away from the door, and apply the paint lengthwise, then crosswise in each section.

After 24 hours, apply the second coat of paint using the same method. When using a two-part epoxy floor paint, mix the components together according to the instructions, and wait for the recommended amount of time before using the paint.

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