How Do You Use an Electric Steamer?

After cleaning and possibly seasoning the food that is going to be steamed, place it in the steamer and fill the steamer with the appropriate amount of water, then turn the steamer on and it will heat the water into steam and cook the food. It is possible to replace the water with fruit juices or broth to give the steamed food a specific taste.

Electric food steamers can be bought at any appliance store, and come with a manual that gives exact water amounts and cooking times.

  1. Prepare the food to be steamed
  2. All fruits and vegetables that are getting steamed should be washed first. For meat or fish, some might want to season the raw meat before steaming it. Rice or other grains should also be rinsed before steaming.

  3. Add water.
  4. The electric steamer will heat water into steam and push it over the food. Typically one cup of rice takes about 1 and a half cups of water, but the amount varies depending on the steamer.

  5. Cook the food and enjoy.
  6. Similarly, each steamer will take a different amount of time to cook the food. As such, be sure to check the food so that it does not get overcooked. Steaming vegetables often retains more nutrients than boiling them, but if the food gets too steamed it will be difficult to eat.