How Do You Use an Electric Spritz Cookie Press?


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An electric spritz cookie press works like a gun for dough. Once you set it up, press the trigger, and it should shoot out dough for your cookies.

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The electric spritz cookie press comes with a number of different attachments so that you can choose your preferred cookie shape. Once you have selected an attachment, place it inside the cover of the tube and screw it in so that it locks into place. Alternatively, you may wish to add a pastry tip. Be sure to select an attachment that works well with the consistency of your dough.

Once you have set up the attachment end, load the dough into the other side with a spatula. Be careful not to fill the tube past the line indicating maximum dough capacity. Finally, load the tube into the outside shaft, and lock the two together.

To begin shaping your cookies, plug the unit into an outlet, and hold the power button down just long enough to ensure that there are no air bubbles in your dough so that the dough emerges slightly from the tube. Release the dough by holding down the power button for one to two seconds, and then release and move onto the next cookie. Make sure the press is completely vertical during use.

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