How Do You Use an Electric Soda Can Crusher?


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To use an electric soda can crusher, turn on the crusher, and load the cans you need to crush into the crusher’s can holder. An electric can crusher flattens aluminum soda cans into smaller pieces of scrap metal that are recyclable.

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How Do You Use an Electric Soda Can Crusher?
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Electric soda can crushers run on automated electric motor systems. They immediately crush any can that you place in the crusher’s can holder. As the can slips into position, the crusher’s piston moves forward and smashes it. The crushed soda can then slides out through an open hole at the lower side of the crusher and into a waste bin. Once all the work is done, you must safely switch off the crusher to stop the piston from running.

Most electric soda can crushers are made with PVC pipes and have pistons that connect to an electric motor. As the motor rotates, the piston moves back and forth, enabling it to come into contact with the can and compress it. It releases the can after maximum compression is achieved.

The speed at which different crushers compress a batch of cans varies. A high-powered electric crusher smashes more cans within a fixed period than a low-powered one. A crusher with more space in its can holder also allows you to load a larger batch of cans all at once.

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