How Do You Use an Electric Smoker?


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To use an electric smoker, prepare the machine and the food before getting started. Then, set the smoker to the desired temperature, and add the ingredients to the smoker, letting them cook until they reach a safe internal temperature.

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  1. Season a new smoker

    Prepare a new electric smoker by seasoning it according to manufacturer's instructions. Typically, owners coat the inner surfaces and cooking racks with oil before turning the smoker on for two to three hours.

  2. Season the food

    Season the food before placing it in the smoker by marinating it or rubbing it with spices and seasonings. At a minimum, sprinkle the food with salt and pepper to enhance flavor.

  3. Choose wood chips

    Choose wood chips according to the food being smoked. For example, alder's light flavor pairs nicely with fish, while hickory's assertive flavor makes it suitable for lamb or beef.

  4. Add chips to the smoker

    Arrange the wood chips in the electric smoker by placing them in the designated area. Optionally, add a water pan filled with water, beer, wine or juice on the bottom of the smoker.

  5. Turn on the heat

    Set the smoker to the desired temperature. Generally, most foods are smoked at temperatures around 225 degrees Fahrenheit.

  6. Smoke the food

    Once the smoker reaches the correct temperature, add food to the racks of the smoker. Cook the food until it reaches a safe internal temperature, usually between 145 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

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