How Do You Use an Electric Motor Cross Reference?


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You use an electric motor cross reference to help you get an appropriate replacement motor. You do this by cross-referencing the manufacturer's model number or the part number on the motor.

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Electric motor cross reference is an accurate reference tool that helps you compare electric motors that appear similar, with the intention of finding a replacement for a defective motor. You can use the cross reference to find a replacement motor from the same manufacturer, or to find a replacement motor from a different manufacturing company.

You can find the number to compare on the motor's label, together with other nameplate information such as volts and horsepower. Sometimes there can be several confusing numbers on the nameplate, making it difficult to identify the part number. In such cases, it is advisable to consult with a professional.

While an electric motor cross reference for different manufacturers is meant to show similar parts, these parts may not be an exact match. Therefore, they may not be interchangeable. It is important to evaluate how suitable a particular part from a different manufacturer is as a replacement, and whether it can serve the intended purpose. If the part is not completely interchangeable, it could cause damage to the product, property damage or personal injury.

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