How Do You Use an Electric Garlic Roaster?


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To use an electric garlic roaster, place olive oil and a sliced garlic bulb on the unit’s roasting dish, set it inside the roaster, and close the lid. Plug the roaster into an electrical outlet, and press the start button to begin the 27-minute roasting process.

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How Do You Use an Electric Garlic Roaster?
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Cut .25 to .5 of an inch off the top of the garlic bulb to expose the cloves inside. For each garlic bulb, a tablespoon of olive oil should be poured into the bottom of the roasting dish. The garlic bulbs roast best when placed cut-side facing down into the oil. Separated cloves of garlic can also be roasted and are ready more quickly than full bulbs of garlic.

The prepared dish of garlic should be placed into the roaster. Close the lid, and start the unit by pressing the start button. Roasted garlic has a creamy, tender consistency and a golden color when fully ready. Although it takes 27 minutes to roast garlic in an electric roaster, the cooking time can be manually altered. For convenience and safety, the unit shuts off automatically. The roaster can hold up to three heads of garlic. It is the size of a tea kettle and shaped like a garlic bulb.

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