How Do You Use Drywall Stilts Safely?


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Use drywall stilts safely by inspecting before use, inspecting surfaces before use, inspecting the environment during use, and requesting assistance whenever necessary. Adjust the stilts whenever necessary to ensure user safety.

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Before using the stilts, inspect them to ensure they are free from hazards and damage. Damage may include connection points showing extreme wear or bolts being loose. Pay special attention to the strut tube assemblies and wing bolts as they are very susceptible to both damage and wear. Replace any damaged components replaced immediately before using the stilts.

Inspect the area thoroughly before using stilts. This includes ensuring that the surface is level before attempting to walk on it with stilts and being aware of hazards such as pipes, fixtures and furniture. Continue monitoring for unexpected hazards during the entire use of the stilts. While using the stilts, always move in a forward direction. If you must turn around, do so by moving forward in a "U" shape to change direction.

Ask for assistance whenever necessary. Other individuals can help you to remove the stilts and can help remove any obstructions from the floor before you begin using stilts. If no one is available to assist, remove the stilts before making any adjustments. Be aware of the weight limit of the stilts, and ensure that anything you carry does not place too much strain on the stilts.

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