How Do You Use Drywall Sealer?

How Do You Use Drywall Sealer?

How Do You Use Drywall Sealer?

Seal drywall by cleaning the walls, pouring the primer in the paint tray and rolling it on the wall. Primer helps to cover up wall imperfections. It also helps paint go on smoother and prevents uneven color.

  1. Gather your supplies

    Visit the home improvement store to pick up a can of primer, paint tray and paint roller.

  2. Clean the walls

    Using a clean damp towel, wipe down the walls of any dirt and dust. A vacuum cleaner with an extension attachment will work to get to the hard-to-reach places. Make sure that there is no dirt or dust remaining because it can interfere with the primer's ability to adhere to the drywall properly.

  3. Fill the paint tray

    Pour some primer in the paint tray. Stop when the level reaches the slanted area.

  4. Apply primer to the roller

    Dip one section of the paint roller in the primer in the tray. Use the slanted portion of the tray to roll the roller to remove excess primer. Do this in quick short motions, going only in one direction.

  5. Start rolling the primer on the wall

    Roll the primer on the wall. Make "W" designs all over the wall to help it spread evenly. Repeat step 4 when the primer begins to look faded as it goes on the wall.