How Do You Use a Drywall Jack?


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A drywall jack reduces the chances of injury or broken drywall. It can significantly decrease the time to install new drywall. Most equipment-rental yards supply these tools at affordable prices.

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  1. Assemble the jack

    Follow the manufacturer's directions to assemble the jack for use. Most jacks disassemble into three separate parts, making it easy for transport.

  2. Clear the floor

    Ensure the floor is clear of any debris and tools before lifting a sheet of drywall.

  3. Lower and pivot the jack

    Set the jack in its lowest position. Pivot the support arms so they are almost vertical.

  4. Load the drywall

    Load the sheet so the finished side is against the rack. Lift both ends of the sheet onto the hooks.

  5. Adjust the angle of the sheet

    Pivot the sheet to an angle equal to that of the location where you are installing it. If installing on the upper half of a wall, keep the sheet in a vertical position. Turn the lock mechanism to prevent the support arms from turning.

  6. Lift the material

    Turn the round wheel to lift the drywall into place. Lock the jack into place.

  7. Attach the sheet

    Use drywall screws or nails to attach the sheet in place. Once it is secure, remove the jack.

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