How Do You Use Drywall Anchors?

How Do You Use Drywall Anchors?

To installing a drywall anchor use a screwdriver to screw the anchor securely in place. Once installed, the drywall anchor can be used to hold screws in place for the installation of anything from shelves to paintings.

  1. Pick the right anchor

    Choose an anchor with the proper rating to hold the specific object that needs hanging. Drywall anchors are rated by the weight that they're capable of supporting. For heavy items, multiple anchors may be needed.

  2. Screw in the anchor

    Choose the spot on the drywall where the anchor is needed. Place the pointed tip of the anchor against the drywall, and place the screwdriver into the anchor head. Apply a moderate amount of pressure to the head of the anchor, pushing the sharp tip into the wall until the base of the threaded portion of the anchor is against the drywall. Maintain the pressure on the head of the anchor while screwing the anchor into the drywall, until the head of the anchor is flush to the surface of the wall.

  3. Place the screw

    Put the screw through the opening of the object that needs hanging. Put the end of the screw into the anchor set into the wall, and screw it in until the object is flat against the anchor head.