How Do You Use Drylok Waterproofing Paint?


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Use Drylok waterproofing paint by thoroughly cleaning the wall, applying mortar to any cracks or defects and then applying two coats of Drylok. Drylok is specifically designed for use on unpainted concrete, cinder block or masonry basement walls.

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How Do You Use Drylok Waterproofing Paint?
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Prepare the wall by scrubbing it with a stiff bristled wire or simple scrub brush. This removes excess mortar and dirt from the wall that could become trapped underneath the Drylok and prevent the paint from adhering properly. Inspect the wall for any white scaly residue. This substance is called efflorescence and consists of salts that are transported through the pores of the material and deposited on its surface. The salts can erode away portions of cement walls and should be removed whenever spotted.

Remove efflorescence using undiluted vinegar and a sponge. Pour a small amount of vinegar on the sponge, and rub away the efflorescence. Rinse the vinegar away using clear warm water. Seal any cracks or divots in the wall using hydraulic cement or mortar. Once the mortar has dried, paint the wall with the Drylok. Use a 3/4-inch nap roller or nylon bristle brush to apply the paint. Apply a single coat, and allow it to dry before applying the second coat. A minimum of two coats of Drylok must be applied to comply with the paint's warranty.

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