How Do I Use a Dryer Rack?

To use a dryer rack, place it securely inside the dryer by following the instructions in the dryer's owner's manual. Then, place the items to be dried on top of the dryer rack, select the appropriate heat and cycle setting and turn the dryer on. The dryer rack is ideal for items that cannot be tumbled, such as sweaters, hats, footwear, stuffed animals and delicate items.

When a dryer rack is installed properly, it should remain stationary in the dryer as the drum spins around it. It is important to allow adequate space between the items on the dryer rack to allow for air circulation. For the best results, reshape sweaters and other clothing items and place them flat on the rack.

Most items that are placed on the dryer rack require a low heat setting or air fluff only. A heat setting is not recommended for items made of foam rubber, plastic or rubber, as heat may damage the item and lead to a fire hazard.

Dryer racks are included in the purchase of some dryer models, and they may also be purchased as an optional accessory. As of 2014, Samsung, Maytag, Whirlpool and KitchenAid offer dryers with dryer racks available.