How Do You Use a Drill?

How Do You Use a Drill?

To use a drill, attach the appropriate drill bit, put on eye protection, hold the drill bit perpendicular to the material to be drilled, and power up the drill. Apply gentle pressure to the drill until the bit enters the material to the desired depth.

  1. Select the right drill bit

    Select a bit that is the right size for the project and designed for use on the material being drilled. Push the bit into the chuck, and tighten it.

  2. Hold the drill at a right angle to the surface being drilled

    Put on eye protection, and hold the drill with both hands so that the bit is perpendicular to the material to be drilled.

  3. Drill the hole

    Turn on the drill, and apply gentle pressure to the bit against the surface being drilled. If the bit clogs, pull it partially out, and wait while the wood shavings spin off the bit to clean it. It is sometimes necessary to remove the bit all the way and manually clean it with a screwdriver. When it is clean, resume drilling. If the bit gets stuck when drilling through metal, turn the drill off, pull it partially out of the hole, then resume drilling.

  4. Remove the drill bit from the hole

    When the bit penetrates the material or reaches the desired depth, pull the bit out of the hole, and turn off the drill. Remove the bit from the drill, and clean it before storing.