How Do You Use a Drain Snake?

use-drain-snake Credit: James Oliver/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Use a drain snake by inserting one end into the drain and turning the auger until the clog is cleared. Remember to rinse the drain after snaking it to remove residual debris.

  1. Rent or buy a snake

    Rent or buy a drain snake from a hardware store or rental center if you don't already have one. Different makes of drain snakes come with individual instructions. Always read the manual and defer to these directions when using the snake.

  2. Insert the snake into the drain

    If necessary, remove the drain cover to accommodate the snake. Push the end of the snake as far into the drain as you can.

  3. Clear the clog

    Turn the handle on top of the snake to force it further into the drain. The crank may become hard to turn as the snake goes around the bend in the pipe, but this passes. You may feel some resistance against the handle when you hit the clog. Keep turning the handle to force the clog down, or pull the snake out of the drain to remove the clog with it.

  4. Rinse and wash up

    Run hot water at full force down the drain for one to two minutes. This ensures that the clog is completely flushed down the drain.