How Do You Use a Door Repair Kit?


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To repair a door using a door jamb repair kit, take the door catch out of the door, fill all the holes and cracks in the door with wood glue or wood filler, and place wood clamps that are included in the kit on the cracks to hold them together. Allow the glue to dry for several hours with the clamps still attached to the door, and take the clamps off when certain that the glue has dried.

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The door may have a metal door strike, a dead bolt catch or a dead bolt strike installed instead of a metal catch. All of these types of hardware have to be removed before repairing the door using a kit. Make sure to clean the door of any small pieces of wood on the frame. The door should close completely. If it doesn't close, scrape off all the wood that is preventing the door from closing.

Continue removing wood from the frame until the door starts closing completely. Apply wood glue and filler only when the door is in the open position. Don't close the door until glue or filler dries completely. Try to reach as deep as possible inside the cracks to fill them with glue. Ideally, the clamps should bring the sides of cracks and holes so close to each other that the cracks are not visible anymore.

Once the clamp is removed, sand the surface of the door, and apply paint to it. Reinstall the hardware once the paint is dry.

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