How Do You Use a Dishwasher?


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To use a dishwasher, scrape the dishes, load dishwasher-safe pans, platters, plates and large bowls onto the bottom rack, and place silverware in the cutlery basket. Load glasses, cups, bowls, lids and dishwasher-safe plastic items on the top rack. Add detergent, shut the door and select the desired cycle.

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  1. Scrape dishes

    Scrape large food particles off dishes. There is no need to rinse the dishes beforehand.

  2. Load the bottom rack

    Place large platters and flat pans around the sides of the bottom shelf. Place large bowls and pans near the edges to avoid blocking the sprayer. Add plates and smaller pans near the center. Make sure that no dishes are touching each other.

  3. Load the cutlery basket

    Place silverware into the cutlery basket. Place knives handle-up and everything else handle-down. Make sure that spoons and forks do not nest together.

  4. Load the top rack

    Place cups, glasses, individual bowls and lids on the top rack. Arrange items soiled-side down. Wedge dishwasher-safe plastic containers between prongs to hold them in place.

  5. Add detergent and rinse agent

    Pour dishwasher detergent into both cups of the detergent dispenser. Fill the rinse agent dispenser with rinse agent.

  6. Shut the door

    Close the door of the dishwasher, and lock it.

  7. Select the desired cycle

    Press the button for the regular cycle for most loads, and choose the pots-and-pans or heavy cycle if the dishes are heavily soiled. To start the dishwasher, press the appropriate button, or turn the dial.

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