How Do You Use a Digital Timer?


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Methods may vary, but to use a digital timer such as the one featured on High Yield Lighting's website, begin by charging the battery fully in a power outlet for 12 hours. You also need to set the current time of day before using the timer.

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To set the hour, press the CLOCK and HOUR buttons at the same time, and press CLOCK and MIN at the same time to set the minute. Press CLOCK and WEEK at the same time for the day setting. After setting the current time of the day, you need to program the timer. To enter into the programming mode, press PROG, and the display shows 1 ON. Press HOUR, MIN and WEEK to set the hour, minute and day you would like your timer to turn on for your "1" setting. To program the off time to your first setting, press PROG.

If you wish to set more timer settings, repeat the same process as your first setting. During the programming mode, you can cancel your last setting by pressing R. Pressing ON/AUTO/OFF produces a display to show the ON, AUTO and OFF modes. By setting the timer ON, power is supplied to the outlets, and no timer programming takes place. With the AUTO mode, the timer is activated, and power is supplied during the programmed times only. By setting the time OFF, no power is supplied, and no timer programming occurs.

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